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Because you have great taste and quality matters!

We’re here to help! We feature quality handcrafted products made by talented artisans. They are a labor of love by skilled hands. As a result, you get unique, meaningful, and personalized gifts for your family, friends, and even for yourself. 

The beauty of buying handmade is knowing that they are unique and not mass-produced. They can be customized and personalized by the artisans. Because of that, you know they make meaningful gifts that you can be proud to give.

Our Artisans

Our featured artisans are talented. They design from their heart and craft with their skilled hands. You can’t get better than that. They are on the forefront of trends and are often copied by those mass-produced factories. Don’t support those copycats; you deserve an original. Know that you are getting a truly original piece when you support one of these talented handmade sellers.

HandcraftesShops.com featured artisans with skilled hands

Are you an Artisan / Shop Owner that would like to have an item featured here?

Find out more about getting featured and criteria here and we will be happy to discuss promoting your product at NO COST to you. We want people to know more about you and what you do and that’s why we’re doing this.

Prices, Availability, Intellectual Property and Other Disclaimers

  • All prices and availability are current as of the time of original date of publication.
  • The promotional discounts are from the artisans and each have their own expiration dates.
  • Each artisan has the right to change any and all aspects of their featured product at their own discretion.
  • Any intellectual property infringements are the sole responsibility of the featured artisans and HandcraftedShops.com does not verify ownership. Please contact the individual artisan directly if you feel there is an IP infringement.

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