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Artisans Wanted

Artisans Wanted! We want to bring eyes to you and your products to let the world know how handmade products are better quality than the mass-produced manufactured products.

If you are a handmade seller and have handmade products that you want to promote, let us know.

Currently, there is NO COST to be featured here. We’re doing this because we believe that handcrafted items are far superior than the generic mass-produced items that come from overseas. We are trying to spread the word about handcrafted / handmade products so think of this as free advertising for your shop!

To be considered to be a featured artisan in any of our upcoming shopping guides and posts, you must fit the following criteria:

  • Not sell any trademark, copyright, or patent infringement products in your entire shop.
  • Have great photos and images of the item you want featured. While you retain the rights to those images, you must give us permission to use those images in the featured post, pinterest collages, social media, and other marketing purposes. We want to promote you but we need to have your permission to do so.
  • Have an online presence where you sell your handcrafted products (website/Etsy/Amazon/GoImagine) that has information such as: About Us, Shop Policies, Contact Info, etc. These information makes you more trustworthy to the buyers.
  • Handcraft your own items and they’re not manufactured for you. Small batch POD products may be allowed at our discretion.
  • Agree to share the article that you’ve been featured in, to your social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter) or Pin on Pinterest.
    • Be proud of your work so brag about it. Not everyone is crafty/entrepreneur.
    • By sharing the post, you’re also helping get eyes on your fellow handmade sellers too. In turn, they’re sharing the article/post to their followers which brings eyes to your own products.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.