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HandcraftedShops.com features products from Artisans who lovingly handcraft each item they sell with their own hands. Because of this, you get extraordinary quality that is superior to the mass-produced items. We are merely featuring these products and have the following disclaimers regarding these items:

  • We are not responsible for verifying the Intellectual Property of the items featured as those are the sole responsibility of each artisan. Please contact the Artisan if you have any claims for any type of infringement.
  • We do not guarantee or endorse any claims for health or mental wellbeing benefits as those information is direct from the featured artisans.
  • Prices and availability is current as time of publication. Each individual artisan has the right to change any aspect of their own listing at their own discretion.
  • Promotional discount codes are courtesy of the featured artisans. They also have the right to end the codes at any time. If you have any problems with using them, please contact the artisan directly.

To contact the artisans, please click on the link at the featured post and this should take you to their own respective websites.

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