Cute and Creative Promposal Ideas to Ask A Date To Prom

Asking someone to be your date to prom can get awkward but don’t worry, we found some cute and creative promposal ideas to make this a lot easier! These will help ease the nerves when you ask your crush to be your date. Or if you’re going to ask a friend, these clever promposal ideas will make it a bit more amusing and memorable.

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Like most everyone, you’ve dreamed of this exciting prom night for a while. It’s a traditional end of the school year event but it has changed over the years. In the past, it was the boys asking the girls to be their date but now, anyone can ask anyone to go. And the last few years emerged this new trend of creative promposals that can be simple or over-the-top.

Celebrate #NationalPromposalDay by asking your date to prom using one of these cute and creative ideas.

It can be as simple as passing a note to the prospective prom date or as elaborate as a skydiver holding a sign asking their potential date to the prom. But let’s face it, simple is too easy and elaborate can get expensive and sometimes too risky. So we found some cute and  creative promposal ideas to ask your potential prom date to that special night of the school year.

We’ve made promposal easy with these cute and creative ways to ask your date to prom: 

  • Personalized Promposal Bracelet. Stainless steel engraved bracelet that comes with your choice of gemstone, personalized with the event, and even names. Handcrafted by LoraDouglasJewelry and available for $48. Check out our library for a limited time promotional code to use on this handcrafted gift, courtesy of our featured artisan.
  • Prom Keychain. This custom keychain is hand stamped with “PROM” and includes the rose charm. This comes boxed and gift wrapped, ready to be given as a gift. Handcrafted by PrettyPrairieDesigns and available for $17.
  • Promposal Printable Invitation. This elegant white and gold downloadable prom invitation is personalized with the name of your sweetie or prom date to be. Handcrafted by StockLaneStudio and available for $8.
  • Promposal Socks. These custom printed and personalized socks are unique and will definitely get your date’s attention! It is printed with eco-friendly apparel inks with incredible detail. Handcrafted by shopsockprints and available for $10.
Handcrafted Gift Guide featuring creative promposal ideas to ask your date to prom. Includes personalized bangle bracelet, keychain, printable invitation, and promposal socks.
  • Promposal Chocolate. What a unique idea for your date to say yes on your prom night! This “Prom With Me” Jelly Bean Chocolate Cube Letters is such a sweet invite to your prom date. Handcrafted by WhatCandySays and available for $34.
  • Scratch Off Card. Ask your Significant Other To the Prom with this Promposal Lotto Replica “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” Scratch Off Card. Handcrafted by MyScratchOffs and available for $5.
  • Promposal Sequin Pillow. This fun accent pillow that anyone can’t help but touch is an amazing invite to your prom date! Flip the sequins for the surprise promposal. Handcrafted by Zookaboo and available for $20.
  • Promposal Bracelet. This promposal cuff can be personalized for him or her, with name hand stamped and hand painted with school colors. Handcrafted by ChicHolstein and available for $20.
Handcrafted Gift Guide featuring unique promposal ideas to ask your date to prom. Includes Prom Chocolates, Prom Scratch Offs, Sequin Pillows, and Prom Bracelet.
  • Promposal Spoon. This stamped promposal spoon makes a very cute gift! It relays your message “will you go to prom with me?” for you. Handcrafted by FlynnandGrace and available for $21.
  • Promposal Necklace. This promposal necklace have hand-stamped aluminum discs with “Will you go to prom with me?” and you and your date’s name (or just their name). This adorable necklace also includes a handmade bead charm with your school color and hand stamped heart with the year. Handcrafted by CallieMaeCrafts and available for $34.
Handcrafted Gift Guide featuring creative promposal ideas to ask your date to prom. Includes a promposal spoon and promposal necklace.

These are quality handcrafted items that will surely make asking your date to prom a little easier. Don’t forget to check the Library to see if there’s an exclusive promo code to use on these handcrafted gifts, courtesy of our talented artisans. 

*Disclaimer: Prices and availability are current as of time of publication. Each individual artisan has the right to change any aspect of their listing at their own discretion. For more information, please visit our About Us page.

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